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1oz KJC Unallocated .9999 Gold

By purchasing KJC unallocated .9999 gold you are choosing to purchase a share in a pool of (non-specific) metal held for clients by KJC rather than a specific physical gold bar and/or coin.
This product is free of any storage/insurance charges and it has a low entry price, however, the client has no title to a specific bar and/or coin. It may be sold at any point of time at the prevailing KJC buy back rate, however, if physical delivery is required the client will have to choose an item from our extensive range and pay KJC the difference between the price of the KJC unallocated .9999 gold and the price of the product you wish to take delivery of.
Ideal for active traders, as well as clients looking to take a position in the gold market but yet unsure as to what product they wish to purchase.
A minimum purchase of 5oz gold applies.