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1 oz gold coin overview

If you’re a new investor or looking to add gold bullion to your portfolio, 1oz gold coins are a great place to start.  On a bullion coin, you’ll find a face value or legal tender, year of production, weight and purity. Gold bullion coins are a popular investment choice because of their artistic designs, which usually feature national symbols or iconic imagery unique to the country of origin.  Not only this, the weight and purity of bullion coins are government backed, making them internationally recognised and highly tradeable anywhere in the world.

Because of their size, demand and tradability, 1oz gold coins, particularly Canadian Maples and Australian Kangaroos are some of our most popular products at KJC.

The high investor demand of 1oz bullion coins is created due to some of the unique properties of gold coins. For example:

  • As the coins are backed by the government, counterfeiting official currency coins is a much more serious crime than counterfeiting gold bars. Therefore, investors can be assured that their coins are authentic and legitimate bullion products
  • In crisis situations, 1oz gold coins are an ideal size to barter and trade with
  • The size of 1oz gold coins also makes them more appealing. Investors have more control over liquidating only portions of their total gold investment

From the loveable Chinese Gold Pandas to the iconic Australian Kangaroo coins, we proudly stock a large collection of 1oz gold coins including: US Gold Buffalos, Gold Krugerrands, Gold Canadian Maples, Gold Britannia’s, Queen’s Beasts Coins, Gold Philharmonics, Chinese Lunar New Year Series Gold Coins and much more. You can see our range of gold bullion coins here.

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