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Bullion News Review: June 5th 2022

With supply unable to outpace demand, and larger macroeconomic trends at play, what is in store for gold and silver? 

Gold on recovery path as prices see double-digit gains

The gold market extended its rally on Thursday as prices saw double-digit gains on a weaker U.S. dollar index and recession fears. Gold moved sharply higher, with August Gold the last trading at $1,873.30, up $24.60 on the day. Earlier this week, gold was down near the $1,830 an ounce level. In the meantime, the U.S. dollar index fell 0.61% to 101.87 on Thursday.


Silver Supply Diminishing as Demand Poised to Blossom

With supply trends likely unable to keep up with longer-term demand, silver has some compelling fundamentals that could make it a smart pick in today’s market environment.


U.S. Mint sells 147k ounces of gold last month, a sign of growing investor anxiety

While gold prices appear to be trapped in neutral below $1,850 an ounce, physical demand for the precious metal appears to tell a different story, one of growing investor anxiety, according to some market analysts.



Emerging market central banks represent new demand for gold as they de-dollarize 

Although rising real interest rates will continue to create a challenging environment for the gold market, analysts at Société Générale see some potential for the yellow metal as an important diversifier for central banks.






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