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Introducing The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection

The Tudor series is a new addition to the world-renowned Royal Mint of England, one of the oldest and most prestigious mints in the entire world, as well as being the only state backed mint in the UK. The original London mint, which is the predecessor of this Royal mint (founded 1960), has been in operation for over 1100 years, and has produced coins all over the British empire and is the foundation for many mints around the globe. The mint was relocated to Llantrisant Wales in 1968 as a larger facility was required.

The Tudor Beasts series will pay homage to the Tudor dynasty founded by King Henry the VII in 1485 after his victory in the war of roses. Each of the ten beasts are highly revered within the British monarchy. The beasts were used to solidify the reign of King Henry the VII by placing prominent statues around the capital and various palaces to strengthen his claim to the throne through family lineage and ancestry. This tradition was then continued by his son King Henry the VIII. While there are more than ten heraldic beasts which are scattered throughout London to honor King Henry VII, the Royal Mint will be showcasing the ten which line the moat bridge in London in honor of King Henry the VIII’s third marriage to Jane Seymour. The beasts on the moat bridge are the Seymour Panther, the Lion of England, the Greyhound of Richmond, the Yale of Beaufort, the Tudor Dragon, The Seymour Unicorn, the Royal Dragon, the Queens Lion, the Black Bull of Clarence, and the Queens Panther.

The Seymour Panther has been released and is available at the Royal Mint as a proof coin. This coin represents King Henry the VIII’s relationship with his 3rd wife Jane Seymour. The second coin in the series, and the first bullion coin will be the Tudor Beasts Lion of England. This Tudor beast bullion series will be available in a 2 oz silver coin, 1 oz gold coin and ¼ oz gold coin, each of these coins have a purity of 99.99% and a face value denomination in Great British Pound (GBP). These coins will showcase one of the most iconic of the Royal Beasts, the Tudor Lion, representing England’s courage, strength, dignity, and pride as well as the union between Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, as depicted by the combination of the two coats of arms. Each of the coins in this series will have a limited release with the Royal Mint releasing coins periodically over the next 5 years.

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