Gold -$54.42 -1.49%
$3,592.34 AUD
7 day trend
Silver -$0.76 -1.71%
$43.73 AUD
7 day trend
Platinum -$4.04 -0.28%
$1,441.42 AUD
7 day trend
Palladium -$29.60 -2.16%
$1,341.67 AUD
7 day trend
Rhodium $21.78 0.31%
$6,955.35 AUD
7 day trend
AUD/USD -0.0022 -0.33%
7 day trend

Frequently Asked Questions

The KJC Sydney CBD showroom is located at Level 7, 12 O'Connell Street, just a short walk from Wynyard Station
The KJC business trading hours vary according to our three departments: KJC Customer Service, KJC Online Store and the KJC Showroom. Please click here for full details.

Purchasing precious metals from KJC is simple and available in the following methods;

For a detailed explanation on how to buy online click here
For a detailed explanation on how you can store precious metals with KJC click here
For a detailed explanation of where KJC ship to and the charges involved click here
For a detailed explanation of the KJC identification procedures click here
For a detailed explanation on how to purchase without using the online system click here

To transfer funds to KJC please use the following account details
Bank: ANZ
Account name: KJC Coins Australia Pty Ltd
BSB: 012 055
Account number: 656 280 412

For international payments

For a detailed list of the accepted payments at KJC click here
KJC can buy all forms of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We have professional electronic scales and metal testers, including an XRF machine onsite to accurately determine the troy metal content of any item.
For full details on how to sell precious metals to KJC click here
Resetting your password is simple, click the "login or create account" button at the top of the header on the KJC website, then use the "forgot your password?" link at the bottom of the login section and you will then be asked to enter your email address and surname. Finally, click on the "send password" button and then our automated system will send you an email back with your current registered username as well as a new password so that you can start ordering.
There are 31.103 grams to a troy ounce.
The KJC Bullion website will automatically refresh the live prices every three minutes, as well as again at the time of checkout.
Yes, however, you must give your permission in writing and the 3rd party must present ID upon collection.
Two weeks from the date of notification that your order is ready for collection. Please note, after this storage charges will be applied as per our standard storage rates.

Items listed on KJC’s website are marked as either 'pre-sale' or 'in stock'.

'Pre-sale' means our expected shipment of a product from a government mint or accredited LBMA refiner has yet to arrive into our vaults in Sydney. These products are available to pre-purchase on our site so customers can buy them at an optimal gold/silver price, regardless of the delay in product availability. As soon as we receive the product in store, we will ship it to you or notify that is available for pick up. Shipment delays usually range between 1-3 weeks, but can also be as little as 24 hours. Delay times for each product are clearly displayed on our website.

'In stock' means we currently have the item available in store. These items are able to be shipped or collected immediately, once your order has been fulfilled.

In some cases we have received concerns from customers after they have noticed marks, spots or toning on their gold and silver products. Customers are often concerned that spots or toning mean their products are inferior or even counterfeit. This is not the case.


Red Spots: The most common concerns from clients are the very small reddish-brown spots that can appear on fine gold bars and coins. It is important to note that these spots can form on any gold product from any mint or refiner and they do not affect the value of the bullion product or the purity of gold content. Red spots can be caused by the following:

  • Tiny specs of copper: This is considered to be the most traditional explanation of red spots. In a 0.9999 purity gold product, 0.0001 is thought to be copper. These tiny copper pieces may be present on the surface of the gold product itself, or present on minting equipment and transferred during minting. Over time, the tiny copper pieces chemically react with the air and create reddish-brown spots.
  • Small specs of silver: Small specs of silver are also commonly present in gold. Recent research suggests that these small silver spots react with sulphur in the atmosphere and cause spotting on gold products.


Milk Spots: Milk spots on silver bullion bars and coins can be best described as white opaque spots or splash marks that resemble milk. These spots vary in size. Like red spots on gold, milk spots can form on any silver product from any mint or refiner and they do not affect the value of the bullion product or purity of silver content. Milk Spots can be caused by the following:

  • The result of chemicals or procedures used within the minting or annealing process. Coins can develop milk spots even if they have not been handled.
  • If coins are not handled correctly, moisture or oils deposited on the coin from hands or fingers can cause milk spots.

Toning on silver products occurs naturally over time and is caused by silver chemically reacting with humidity and chemicals in the air. Toning can occur in a range of different colours including black, green, yellow or rainbow.

As an investor or collector, it is importance to understand the difference between precious metal products. In general, bullion coins and bars are not manufactured to be perfect in appearance like proof coins. This is largely due to the small margins involved in contrast to the substantially higher premiums commanded by proof coins.

Similarly, minted bullion coins and bars struck from a die will result in a higher quality and consistent finish compared to cast bars which are crudely made. As a result, cast bars vary significantly in appearance and finish bar to bar, even when from the same mint or refiner.

Although KJC continuously performs quality checks on all bullion products we receive from government mints and accredited refiners, we are not a manufacturer of bullion products. The finish, quality and packaging of brand new bullion coins and bars can vary dependant on the different worldwide government and private mints they come from.

The delivery delay time on all pre-sale items is an estimate only and availability may be quicker or longer than stated.

We carry Australia's most extensive range of bullion bars and coins and many of these are struck and sourced from overseas markets. For each pre-sale item, KJC has paid out funds to secure the metal but we remain at the mercy of delivery agents, customs clearance and the production schedules of government and private mints. All these factors can cause timing changes without notice, especially in periods of high demand.

As always, KJC will do our very best to get your orders to you in the shortest time frame possible.