Gold -$11.06 -0.42%
$2,600.32 AUD
7 day trend
Silver -$0.02 -0.07%
$30.43 AUD
7 day trend
Platinum -$7.38 -0.55%
$1,335.10 AUD
7 day trend
Palladium $7.67 0.28%
$2,782.11 AUD
7 day trend
Rhodium $123.22 0.53%
$23,176.31 AUD
7 day trend
AUD/USD -0.0035 -0.5%
7 day trend

How do I sell precious metal to KJC?

Precious metal held in your physical possession

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium that you have in your physical possession and want to sell may be bought back by KJC.  The KJC showroom is open by appointment only, from 10:00am to 4.30pm on selected business days throughout the year.  To sell your precious metals, please book an appointment with our dedicated customer service team (9am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday) on (02) 9290 1244 or email

Country, interstate and/or overseas clients may also ship the goods to us at their own cost and risk.

KJC also has exclusive worldwide transport contracts with both Brinks and G4S which are ideal for large transactions, please enquire for further details.

Precious metal held in storage with KJC secure vaulting

KJC secure vaulting clients can sell their precious metal held in storage at a moment's notice.

Simply phone or email us during the KJC Sydney customer service trading hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm) to affect a trade

KJC identification requirements to sell precious metal

Clients wishing to sell any quantity or form of precious metal to KJC are required to meet the following KJC ID requirements:

1/ Each individual client is to a complete a "KJC Bullion Sell Personal" registration form with entities e.g. SMSF, Companies and Trusts, to also complete a "KJC Bullion Sell SMSF/Company/Trust" registration form. Likewise, KJC Secure Vaulting clients that wish to sell part/all of their metal or have part/all of their metal released from the KJC Secure Vaulting storage system will need to complete the "KJC Secure Vaulting Exit" registration form.

2/ As outlined in full on the "KJC Bullion Registration Help" form each registered client is to provide a minimum of one primary, one secondary as well as a supporting form of identification (please note, only needed if a driver's license is not supplied) and companies will in addition need to provide a current company extract report.

Clients, dealing in person, with KJC at the Sydney CBD showroom and private client office, can simply bring in with them, the original identification documents (for us to take a copy of), as well as the signed KJC registration forms. Alternatively, online clients can simply scan or photograph a copy of the identification documents and signed KJC registration forms and then email or post them to us. Click here for the latest KJC registration forms.

Payment for sale of precious metal to KJC

Please note, KJC will only make payment for any precious metal via electronic transfer to your nominated bank account. In addition, we will not make payment to any 3rd party and all bank account names for payment must match the name of the person and/or entity selling the bullion to KJC. It is a requirement that all the KJC identification requirements are met before payment can take place.