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Updated: 16 Jul, 2018 08:13:04 PM EST

Buy live online

KJC offers a totally live online store for gold and silver bullion which operates 24 hours 7 days a week all 365 days of the year, with live spot prices updated every three minutes direct from the market.

Ordering via the KJC live online store is easy, you simply click on the "Buy Precious Metal" button for bullion products or "Buy Numismatic & Rare Coins" button for collector type items. Both buttons are displayed directly adjacent to the KJC logo at the top of your screen. Once into your desired section, for example, if you have clicked on the "Buy Precious Metal" button for bullion you will see the various product icons listed, e.g. "1oz Gold Bars", simply select your desired category then go into that section and start adding items to your cart.

New clients will need to create a KJC online account with a unique username and password before any online order can be finalised. This can be done anytime independently from placing an order by clicking on the "Create Account" button at the very top of the home page or you can simply go ahead and start ordering and you will be prompted to create an account before entering the final checkout phase. Please note, creating an account is simply a security measure enabling clients to establish their unique username and password and no ID requirements are applicable unless the total transaction is over $5000. Online transactions with KJC over $5000 can be completed successfully anytime, however, before product can be released the purchaser will need to be compliant with the KJC ID requirements.

Once in the checkout phase you can just follow the prompts through to complete your transaction:

Firstly, you will need to nominate your preferred online payment method for the required 10% deposit in order to lock in the live metal prices (please note, we do also provide the option of paying the full 100% online via the POLi payment system and Bitcoin merchant gateway meaning everything is all done at once).

Secondly, choose your preferred method of delivery be it either: "Australia-wide courier delivery", "Overseas delivery by FedEx/DHL", "Hold for collection" or alternatively you may select to place your order into "KJC Secure Vaulting" our world class bullion storage system.

Thirdly, immediately after choosing your method of delivery you will then need to click the "Update" button which refreshes to the latest live price followed by the "Checkout" button which will remain clickable for 30 seconds (you will notice a time clock ticking down adjacent to the "Update" button).

Fourthly, after you have clicked the "Checkout" button which locks in the live metal prices for your order, as above, you will then be asked to submit your payment details for the 10% deposit (or full payment if you choose the full POLi or Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payment option) by either supplying your nominated credit card number (Visa or MasterCard only) which is done through the ANZ CyberSource secure system, or use either the POLi or Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payment systems which are directly integrated to the KJC site.

Finally, after providing your payment details, as above, you will then be redirected back to the KJC website where an order acknowledgment will be supplied directly on screen as well as being emailed directly to you confirming your completed locked in precious metal order. The KJC Order Acknowledgement provides full details of the various options in order to make the 90% balance of payment for your order (please note, not required if you have paid the full 100% upfront via the POLi or Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payment systems).