KJC Payment Options

Full payment of all invoices from KJC must be received within 24 hours (or next business day in the case of a public holiday and/or a weekend trade) as per our standard terms and conditions unless a special arrangement has been pre-approved.

KJC accept the following methods of payment:
  • BPay.
  • Direct deposit or E.F.T. to our nominated bank account.
  • Cash payment at our retail counter.
  • Cheque, however, please allow up to 7 days for clearance before goods can be collected or shipped.
  • POLi payments, which are only available through the live KJC online store during checkout.
  • Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard only) that are processed through BPay or online (10% deposits only).
  • EFTPOS and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and UnionPay) processed in person at the KJC showroom counter.
  • PayPal either processed on the KJC online store during checkout, via phone or at our retail counter.
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash either processed in person at the KJC showroom counter or via the integrated Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash facility online available on the KJC 24/7 live website.
  • WeChat & AliPay processed in person at the KJC showroom counter.

KJC require a 10% deposit on any online order to lock in and guarantee your pricing live to market. Clients may either use a Visa, MasterCard or the POLi payment system, all of which are secure and entirely free of any payment surcharges.

Please note, both the POLi and Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash payment systems can be used to pay the full 100% at the time of online order, facilitating a speedy and secure checkout since everything is finalised at once. The POLi payment system is also entirely free of payment surcharges for full 100% payments of online orders.

Credit Card at the KJC Retail Counter

Clients must use a PIN number, and the name on the card must match the client's ID. The following surcharges are applicable: Debit Visa and MasterCard cards 1%, regular Visa, MasterCard or AMEX credit cards 1.9% (International credit cards 3.5%) and UnionPay 2.2%.

EFTPOS Card at the KJC Showroom Counter

Clients paying by EFTPOS, please be aware, it is standard practice for banks to place a daily transaction limit of $1,000-$2,000. Therefore, if you are planning on spending over this, it is a good idea to speak to your bank to raise your limit before coming into the KJC store.

Credit Card via BPay

Once you place your online order with KJC, you will receive an order acknowledgement, listed on this acknowledgement will be the KJC BPay biller code for credit card payments. You simply login to your online banking facility and send a BPay payment using the biller code and reference number supplied on the KJC order acknowledgement. A 1.9% surcharge is applicable.

Credit Card for Online 10% Deposits

First-time clients are able to use a credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) for their 10% deposit to lock-in the order. A 1.9% surcharge is applicable to the deposit paid and KJC will email balance payment instructions.

POLi Payments

Although there are no surcharges applicable, all orders paid via the POLi payment system for new clients will be held for a minimum of 5 business days before the goods can be released for collection and/or shipping.


  • A 2.8% surcharge plus 30cents will be incurred on deposit and full payments.
  • For website orders: PayPal is only available as a full payment option only.
  • For phone & counter orders: PayPal may be used for partial or full payments.
  • Shipping: Only available to registered PayPal addresses.

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Payment via Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for your bullion transaction is available at the KJC showroom and is also fully integrated into the online checkout process on the KJC 24/7 live website, making it simple to pay for your bullion using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment: Online

Simply select Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from the payment select screen as you move through the checkout process. The order page will display the total in Australian Dollars, and once you click the checkout button, you will be redirected to our Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash merchant gateway receiving a quote (rate) for the total amount payable in Bitcoin or bitcoin cash.

The order will be locked in once you transfer the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from your wallet to the Bitcoin address provided, it is broadcast on the Blockchain, and the KJC website generates an order acknowledgement. You will be supplied with a Bitcoin address and QR code to facilitate the transfer. You have fifteen minutes to complete the process, at which point you will be required to request a live price from KJC for the bullion and Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash exchange rate from our merchant gateway.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment: Transaction Information and conditions
  • Kjc offers the best bitcoin and bitcoin cash rates to buy bullion in the Australian marketplace.
  • A 1.65% surcharge is applicable on all Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions.
  • Bullion product from all orders paid in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will only be made available for release once cleared AUD$ funds have been received from our Bitcoin merchant into the KJC bank account.
  • A minimum $200 and maximum A$100,000 transaction limit applies per order.
  • Transaction fees apply on the client side, and with the congestion on the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash network it is imperative clients attach an appropriate fee to guarantee a speedy confirmation of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transaction on the network, orders that fail to do so may be subject to re-pricing

WeChat & AliPay at the KJC Showroom Counter 

Clients must use a QR code. The following surcharges are applicable: 2.2%. Conditions apply