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AU$ $1,674.45 $21.38 $1,126.08 $1,268.69
AUD/USD $0.7437
Updated: 16 Jul, 2018 08:23:04 PM EST

Large and Person to Person Transactions

We at KJC understand that not everybody feels 100% comfortable in buying bullion via our live online ordering system and larger transactions may not be able to use the online ordering system (due to the online purchase limit of $200,000) and we have therefore setup an easy and streamlined system for placing orders in person at the KJC Sydney CBD showroom or by phone.

Clients who are not purchasing via the KJC Bullion online ordering system are able to research pricing and products 24/7 via the KJC live bullion website, come into the KJC Sydney CBD showroom view our complete product range and speak to one of our expert staff members face to face at the counter, or alternatively phone one of our expert bullion consultants. The KJC business trading hours vary according to our three departments: KJC Customer Service, KJC Online Store and the KJC Showroom. Please click here for full details.

To lock a confirmed order in by phone, email or at the KJC Sydney CBD retail counter without using our 24/7 live website we require an approximate 10% deposit paid directly into our bank account and once we have proof of payment (an emailed deposit notification etc.) we will then confirm back to you by either phone or in person (if at our showroom) the exact locked in price of your order. The 90% balance of the KJC Bullion transaction needs to be paid within 24 hours (or next business day in the case of a public holiday and/or a weekend trade), as per our standard terms and conditions from the time the invoice is raised. Alternatively, if a client is doing it in person at our retail store a price can be locked in, confirmed and invoiced with payment in full by cheque, however, the cheque will need to be cleared before the goods can be released.