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Updated: 14 Nov, 2018 05:04:02 AM EST

Self Managed Superfunds (SMSF)

The KJC website is an entirely live to market online store making it quick, easy and super convenient for clients to purchase gold and silver bullion on behalf of their Self-Managed Superfund - allowing orders to be placed anytime 24/7 365 days a year.

Buy Online

KJC offer both zero deposit lock-ins or full payment services at the time of lock-in, both allowing clients to purchase anytime day or night at a price level that suits.

Payment & Lock-in Options

Online orders can be placed with either a zero deposit* or by paying the full purchase price online to complete everything at once, via either POLi (an Australia Post subsidiary) which allows direct transfers over internet banking or our Bitcoin merchant gateway (BitPay).

Zero deposit lock-in balance payment instructions are provided after placing the order online.

Buy offline

Clients that do not wish to purchase online can use KJC's alternative streamlined ordering system, making the ordering process just as easy as online orders.

Payment & Lock-in Options

Self-Managed Superfunds can lock-in a confirmed order by phone, email or at the KJC Sydney CBD showroom where the transaction will be processed manually by one of our dealers. An official tax invoice will be generated including instructions for balance payments*.

Orders over A$200,000 in value will require an approximate 10% deposit prepaid into the KJC nominated bank account.


Clients purchasing on behalf of their Self-Managed Superfund can research pricing and products 24/7 365 days a year via the KJC website and are welcome to view our product range at the KJC Sydney CBD showroom where bullion consultants are available face-to-face in our private client office.

The KJC business trading hours vary according to our three departments:

Please consult the online calendar for more information.


Bullion Storage for Self-Managed Superfunds

The world-class KJC Bullion storage solution, offered through the KJC storage arm KJC Secure Vaulting, is extremely popular and an ideal way for any Self-Managed Superfund to organise fully insured and regulation compliant storage. Storage services include official G4S tagged and sealed boxes or bags, offering the ultimate solution for long-term, fully audited, regulation compliant and fully segregated secure storage.


* Balance payments are due within 24 hours or next business day in the case of public holidays.