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Starting Out In Silver

Starting out in Silver

      Investing in silver can be a very lucrative and rewarding endeavour. Silver is exceptionally beautiful and highly liquid and thus makes for a great way to expand your investments in precious metals. As well as coming at a much more approachable price point than gold, you can accumulate large amounts of this precious metal quite quickly and easily. Here at KJC we have many different brands, sizes, and types of silver.


     Although still extremely dense, silver is not quite as dense as gold but is at much more affordable price. It will maintain a beautiful shine and will provide clients with a great experience when holding some pure silver bullion in their hands. As such, buying a 1kg silver bar is a much more conceivable purchase for most investors, and can still give great piece of mind when picking up one of these very heavy and beautiful bars. Whereas, most people will never see a 1kg gold bar in their lifetimes especially with how well prices have performed over the last couple years.

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     Silver is extremely liquid and very versatile precious metal, it is the second most popular precious metal traded by bullion dealers internationally. Like gold, silver was often used to make currency coins during the days of the gold standard, which means you can still find some wonderful numismatic silver coins. Much of the history of silver is very similar to that of gold; it has been used by humans for over 5000 years whether it be for trading or for its many uses as a raw material. Silver came to earth during the very foundations of our planet through star bursts and cataclysmic events.

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     As well as being a great investment, silver has a wide range of uses within a multitude of industries, being that it is a relatively cheap precious metal and has some truly amazing properties. Silver has had a lot of uses in industry in the modern age, and throughout all of history. The list of useful properties silver contains is quite expansive, as such we will only go through a few of the most popular and current uses in the modern age. Silver is extremely reflective, as one might tell just from looking at a it, this makes it useful in solar panels and film photography, as well as being of the main components of something you look into every day, your mirror! It contains anti-microbial or germicidal properties which is very useful in the healthcare sector. This attribute of silver has been said to been a reason wealthy people of a bygone era would use silver as cutlery, it is said to have prevented those people from getting sick as often as there less fortunate peers. It is still used today in trace amounts to prevent spoiling of food, most specifically within the dairy industry, and it has also been used in some devices for water purification.

     Silver has a very high melting point which makes it extremely useful for production of ball bearings, these are used in a multitude of applications in wide range of industries, whether being used in jet engines or machines used in industrial production processes, even within your car’s engine or your bicycles gears. Silver is also extremely conductive, this in-turn lends itself to the production of lightweight batteries used in hearing aids, watches, and other small devices where lithium-ion may not be ideal. The usefulness of silver goes on and on. It’s safe to say that without this metal, modern life how as we know would not even be possible, or at least a lot less comfortable

Historical silver chart


     Within the bullion markets it is estimated that there is currently about 4 billion troy ounces of silver in circulation. Now, that’s only within the bullion industry, consider that every computer has roughly 1 gram of silver, and a mobile phone contains roughly .37 grams, there is quite a bit of silver floating around the world, not to mention silver contained within our own bodies, the ocean, and the atmosphere. Silver is all around us, but there currently isn’t much as one would think readily accessible to investors and the industries that require it. Remember, humans have been extracting silver for over 5000 years, much of the silver that we have immediate access to today is now located quite deep within the earth’s crust. Some manufacturers have now taken to recycling the silver contained within our everyday electronics, and devices not only is this practice good for the environment as it recycles current silver in use, it is also pretty amazing that this has been achieved, mints all over the world are now beginning to add this practice to obtain gold and silver from our unwanted goods.

Authentic silver denarius, antininianus of ancient Rome close-up

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