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The Perth Mint overview

Whether you are an investor or a collector, the Perth Mint has a number of exciting offerings both new and from their classic collection of designs. Each selection represents the perfect convergence of art and intrinsic value that buyers have come to expect from the Perth Mint. Most designs feature an iconic event or a symbol of Australia.

From the Perth Mint’s Gold Issues come a wide range of options celebrating Australia’s unique culture, history, and natural beauty. Celebrate national history by investing in the 2014 issue “The Anzac Spirit – To Our Last Man.” This exquisite rendering of Australia and New Zealand’s brave young men marching to war celebrates the centennial of their contribution to victory in World War I. In particular, read all about the vast sacrifice at Gallipoli.

Other gold issues include an original Sydney 2000 Olympics complete set, the 2012 Year of the Dragon commemoration, and the one-ounce Koala Gold Proof High Relief Coin among many other valuable and artistic options. These include commemorations of the years of the goat, horse, monkey, rooster, and other famous Chinese almanac signs.

If looking for silver, The Perth Mint also offers its famous sets of Australian Kookaburra coins. These feature the iconic bird resting on a tree branch.

Other silver options include coins dedicated to golden retrievers, the 1923 one ounce half penny, rotating charm antiqued silver coins, and much more.

For those that seek out platinum coin options, the Perth Mint uses this metal to feature Australia’s favourite furry friend, the Koala Bear. This lovable scamp of the outback assumes a different pose in each year of issue. And this makes it a perfect choice for collectors.

The Perth Mint also offers the striking Pink Panther Limited Edition Platinum Pink Diamond Ingot. This coin features the famous cartoon character on one side and a fun panther print and flower design on the reverse. Both sides contain a stunning pink diamond stone.

All coins are highly liquid, internationally recognised, and serve as Australian legal tender.

The Perth Mint’s coins come in 99.99 percent pure gold, 99.99 or 99.9 percent pure silver, and 99.95 percent platinum bullion coins. Those looking to simply invest in precious metals can also purchase metal bars.

The Government of Western Australia stands behind the metallic purity of each purchase. The Perth Mint proudly participates in the Australian Government’s Official Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion Coin Program. Coins come in a wide variety of weights, shapes, and sizes.

For over a century, The Perth Mint has nurtured and developed a global market for fine precious metals in coin or bar form. Over $18 billion AU worth of gold, silver, and platinum flows out of Perth every year to investors and collectors in 100 countries worldwide.

Proof of international tradeability can be found in The Perth Mint’s London Bullion Market Association registered mark found on all coins sold.

For almost a quarter of a century, KJC has offered precious metal coins from Australia’s most respected outlets of bullion. Reach out today to boost your investment in precious metals or to expand your collection of iconic Australian pieces.

You can discover our range from The Perth Mint here.

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