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69 AD Ancient Rome Imperial - Otho - Silver Denarius NGC CH XF
69 AD Ancient Rome Imperial - Otho - Silver Denarius NGC CH XF

69 AD Ancient Rome Imperial - Otho - Silver Denarius NGC CH XF

The 8th in the Twelve Caesars of Rome Collection

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Design: Securitas Standing
Grade: NGC CH XF
Composition: Silver
Weight (grams): 3.51
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Product Description:

Scarce in the this quality with minimal ware and precise centered striking,

Nice Strike in good condition, very scarce
NGC CH XF (2129428-002)
5/5 Strike
3/5 Surface

This coin was produced during a time of extreme turmoil and a power vacuum in the Roman Empire after the death of Nero. Otho of which this coin dawns his portrait was a friend and supporter of his predecessor, Galba and would support him on his March to Rome and his rise as Emperor, he did this seeking to be appointed as Galbas heir should he succeed in becoming emperor. Galba would succeed and ultimately betray Otho by appointing another as his heir, much to Othos dismay. Otho would then plot and succeed in Galbas assassination by his own praetorian guard.

Otho would then proclaim himself emperor, this would be short lived as Galba plotted against him during his last day. He would sow distrust in Otho in many of the far flung territories of Rome, specifically Germania where many had declared their allegiance to another, Vitellius. Otho would commit suicide after only 3 months in power with some describing this as a courageous act. It is said the main reason for his suicide was to steer the empire away from a long and bloody civil war which seemed inevitable, something the Empire had become accustomed to in recent decades. The year 69 was a tumultuous and stressful one as 4 different Caesars would rule the Empire and ultimately be defeated. Nero, Galba, Otho, And finally Vitaellius. This time is known as "The Year of the Four Emperors".

Obverse: bust of Otho

Reverse: Securitas standing