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Bullion News Review: June 30 – July 6

1. Something Big Is In The Works For Gold & Silver!

In this insightful interview Bill Murphy discusses the following:

  • Current state of the manipulation of gold & silver
  • How important is this week for the gold cartel?
  • Why has silver barely moved higher in price?
  • What’s going on with the gold-to-silver ratio?
  • The gold standard, Freedom & Liberty
  • What if the cartel can’t contain price this week?
  • The current risk-reward for gold & silver and the gold-to-silver ratio


2. As the Short Squeeze in Gold Intensifies, What’s Happening to the Markets?

Panic continue to rise as we see the 10 Year US Treasuries close below 2% and the German yields hit historic lows.

But what happens when interest rates are artificially suppressed for so long?

“For a while, seems great. There is some additional economic “activity” Share prices rise. But it comes at a long-term cost. Malinvestment (money goes to uneconomic pursuits). Capex spending lags, huge debts & excess capacity piles up, asset prices inflated. Eventually – a collapse.”


3. James Turk Says the The Real Short Squeeze In Gold Is Now Underway

Here’s the hourly London spot gold chart. Finally starting to see some short covering, but a lot of shorts still to go. Central banks recognizing they are losing the battle at $1400. Where will they next ‘circle-the-wagons’ to try holding back this bull market? My guess: $1575.

$1575 Gold Price Target

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