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Bullion News Review: December 12th , 2021

This week, we have some interesting readingwhich seems to indicate  the lengthy 12 month correction in the gold price may be nearing an end, with a much brighter 2023 on the horizon.

Gold In A Paper Storm As Fear And Inflation Begin To Grip The World

If you’re wondering why the media, markets and mandates are making less sense despite a constant flow of hard facts contradicting their message, it’s critical to watch what is done rather than said by the policy makers behind the fear and inflation “new normal.”


$10,000+ Gold And China As A Feared Rival

As any self-help book would tell you, you can’t change the past. You can only try to learn from it to shape the future by choosing to act in wiser, more productive ways. That goes for countries as well as for individuals.


Gold Correction Is Coming To An End!

On the heels of the recent volatility in the precious metals markets, it appears the gold correction is finally coming to an end.



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