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1 kg Perth Mint Silver Bullion Cast Bar - New Type
1 kg Perth Mint Silver Bullion Cast Bar - New Type

1 kg Perth Mint Silver Bullion Cast Bar - New Type

Brand new design of the renowned Perth Mint silver bar!

from $1,639.17
Mint: The Perth Mint
Country: Australia
Composition: Silver
Weight (grams): 1000.2
Weight (troy/oz): 32.151
Purity (%): 99.99
Length (mm): 99
Width (mm): 49
Thickness (mm): 22
1 - 4
5 - 19
20 +
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Product Description:

The Perth Mint is renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and their 1 Kilo Silver Cast Bars exemplify their commitment to excellence. These bars proudly display the inscription '1 KILO FINE SILVER 9999,' reaffirming their remarkable purity and weight.

To further ensure their authenticity and integrity, each bar is imprinted with The Perth Mint's distinctive LBMA-registered swan logo. This mark of distinction guarantees that the bars meet the highest standards of the London Bullion Market Association, further solidifying their credibility in the precious metals market.

For convenience and security, the 1 kilo silver cast bars are thoughtfully packaged in sturdy monster boxes. These boxes are specifically designed to securely house and protect the ten individual 1 kilo silver bars, providing peace of mind to investors and collectors alike.

The Perth Mint's commitment to excellence, combined with their meticulous attention to detail, makes their 1 Kilo Silver Cast Bars an outstanding choice for those seeking top-tier silver products. Whether you are an avid investor or a passionate collector, these bars offer a reliable and valuable addition to any portfolio or collection.

* 99.99% purity
* LBMA accredited Good Delivery Brand
* Perth Mint Swan logo
* Internationally recognised
* Highly liquid
* Comes individually or in box of 10