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1 oz 2024 The Perth Mint 125th Anniversary Gold Bullion Coin
1 oz 2024 The Perth Mint 125th Anniversary Gold Bullion Coin

1 oz 2024 The Perth Mint 125th Anniversary Gold Bullion Coin

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Mint: The Perth Mint
Monarch: King Charles III
Denomination: 100 AUD
Design: a kangaroo, a koala, and a kookaburra, reflecting the Mintís best-known contemporary coin series
Country: Australia
Designer: Jennifer Mckenna/Dan Thorne
Composition: Gold
Weight (grams): 31.107
Weight (troy/oz): 1
Purity (%): 99.99
Thickness (mm): 2.95
Diameter (mm): 32.6
1 - 9
10 - 19
20 +
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Product Description:

The Perth Mint was established on June 20, 1899, during the peak of the Western Australian gold rush. Over the next three decades, it refined gold and minted 106 million sovereigns, playing a crucial role in the rapid growth of Western Australia's economy. Renowned for its quality, craftsmanship, and efficiency, the Mint became a major producer of Australian circulating coinage from 1940 to 1984.

In 1986, The Perth Mint refocused on crafting fine gold coins, including the globally recognized Australian Kangaroo (originally named the Australian Nugget). This marked a turning point in its history, leading to the creation of other popular coins like the Australian Kookaburra and Australian Koala, highly coveted by investors and collectors of fine silver coins.

Today, The Perth Mint stands as a unique enterprise, offering refining and investment services alongside its renowned coining division. Its visitor attraction showcases Western Australia's gold story and 125-year legacy. Each coin, made from 1oz of 99.99% pure gold, holds legal tender status under the Australian Currency Act 1965.

* 99.99% pure gold
* Australian legal tender
* Micro-laser engraved security feature
* 125th Anniversary design celebrating 125 years of The Perth Mint
* ‘P125’ mintmark
* His Majesty King Charles III obverse
* Limited mintage – 25,000