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Bullion News Review: Mar 2 – Mar 8

Gold Just Closed At A Seven year High in USD 

“Spot gold just closed at a 7 year high as the Dow plunges over 1,000 and gold surges another $30.” 

As coronavirus spreads and impacts markets and the economic outlook, there is increased worry that the US, the world’s largest economy, is on the cusp of a coronavirus break out.



China Car Sales Crash 80%  And A US Dollar Warning

Coronavirus keeps consumers at home, causing car sales to drop a record 80% in the already slowing economy: 

Stephanie Pomboy also shares a warning about the US dollar: 



Global Markets Panic In Response to Fed’s Emergency Rate Cut 

“A surprise, mid-morning “emergency” half point cut is not enough for the President who stated : U.S. “should have the lowest rate.” Know what the “lowest rate” is?” It”s negative. If you haven’t figured out why you need some gold by now, then…good luck to you.” 

-Fred Hickey

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