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When starting out as a new investor in bullion, it can be difficult to know which products to invest in.  In fact, one of the most asked questions from new clients is which products are the most popular among investors and which products we recommend new clients start investing in.

To address these questions, we’ve put together a list of our most recommended and popular products:

Recommended Gold Bullion Products


1oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

1oz 9999 Gold Bullion Coins

1oz government backed, legal tender gold coins are the most liquid of all gold bullion products worldwide.



1oz Perth Mint Minted Gold Bullion Bar



100g Baird & Co Minted Gold Bullion Bar


Recommended Silver Bullion Products


1oz Great Britain Britannia Silver Bullion Coin



1oz US Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Monster Box



1oz Silvertown Buffalo Silver Bullion Rounds



10oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bullion Bar



1kg ABC Cast Silver Bullion Bar


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