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Collectable Graded Australian Gold Sovereigns

Buy Collectable Australian Gold Sovereigns


All Gold coins of Australia (1852 to 1931) were struck from solid 22ct gold (.917%). The 1852 Adelaide Pound, Australia's first gold coin, has an actual gold weight of 8.68 grams (Type 1) or 8.81 grams (Type 2).Gold Sovereigns have an actual gold weight of 7.9881 (.2354oz troy) and Half Sovereigns 3.9940 grams(.1177oz troy). Australian Gold Sovereigns struck between 1855 and 1870 (Half Sovereigns from 1855 to 1866) features our own "Sydney Mint" design. From 1871 through 1931 (Half Sovereigns from 1871 to 1918), Imperial Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns were minted in Australia, identical to those struck elsewhere, except for the distinctive Sydney (S), Melbourne (M) or Perth (P) Mintmark. They benefit from being a relatively small and highly collectable series and are considerably Rarer than their English counterparts.

How do I go about Collecting Australian Gold Sovereigns?

The Australian Minted Gold Sovereign Series 1855-1931 consists of 9 different types. They include the Sydney Mint Type 1 (1855-1856), Sydney Mint Type 2 (1857-1870), Victorian Young Head Shield Reverse (1871-1887), Victorian Young Head St. George Reverse (1871-1887), Victorian Jubilee Head (1887-1893), Victorian Veil Head (1893-1901), King Edward VII (1902-1910), King George V Large Head (1911-1928) & King George V Small Head (1929-1931).

Australian Sovereigns were minted in Sydney from 1855 to 1926, Melbourne from 1872 to 1931 and Perth from 1899 to 1931. Therefore, from 1872 it is possible to have exactly the same type and dated Australian Sovereign struck at both the Sydney and Melbourne mints and 1899 at the Perth Mint. This, however, was not the same case every year, Sovereigns could be produced at one mint, two mints or all three mints and when enough coins were thought to be in circulation no sovereigns were produced at all. A complete Collection of Australian Gold Sovereigns encompasses all those produced between 1855 and 1931 at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Mints some 190 pieces in total.

The first Australian Sovereigns feature our own unique Australian design and are known as the famous and Rare "Sydney Mint" type sovereigns struck from 1855 to 1870. From 1871 to 1931 when production ceased, Imperial sovereigns were produced in Australia distinguishable only by a (S) Sydney, (M) Melbourne or (P) Perth Mintmarks stamped onto each coin.

Australian Sovereigns may be collected by Date, Type, Mint or a combination of these. Take the Queen Victoria Veiled Head Series (1893-1901), it contains a total of 21 coins - 9 struck in Sydney, 9 in Melbourne and 3 in Perth. If you decide to collect this series the aim is to piece together one example of each of the 21 different dated and Minted Veiled Head Type Sovereigns ever struck. In most series there are certain key dates which will cost you considerably more than the others but these tend to have shown the best growth and are worth saving up for. In the Veiled Head series for instance 1899 Sydney and Melbourne Mints may cost you around $550 (note price varies with spot gold bullion rates) in uncirculated condition quality whereas the 1899 Perth may cost you over $4,500 as it is the key date of the series.

One of the most popular collections of Australian Sovereigns today is the complete Perth Mint Collection, containing 33 coins minted from 1899 to 1931. The majority of these can be put together for around $550 each (note price varies with spot gold bullion rates). However, the Key Dates 1899P and 1926P will cost you considerably more. The popularity of the Perth Mint Collection derives from the fact that to complete a collection in nice quality can be put together for around the $15,000-$20,000 mark whereas a Sydney or Melbourne Mint Sovereign Collection will cost well into the hundreds of thousands to assemble in similar quality.

Building up complete collection of Victorian sovereigns is a great way to approach the Australian gold sovereign series. The Veil Head Series 1893-1901 (21 coins) where many coins in Uncirculated quality will cost as little as $550 each (note price varies with spot gold bullion rates) and the earlier Jubilee Head Series 1887-1893 (14 coins) where most coins in Uncirculated quality would work out to be in the $600 to $1000 price range (note price varies with spot gold bullion rates), are ideal starting points. If your budget can stand it the Young Head and Shield Series (minted conjunctively between 1871-1887) is recommended in Uncirculated quality but be prepared to spend up to around $1,500 per coin on average. The beautiful Sydney Mint Series from 1855-1870 are very valuable in high quality and may be out of reach for many Collectors, if so, we recommend considering one or two choice examples. The later King George V Coins, which are either Very Scarce or Rare dates due to the cutting back of mintages are also important to consider. Dates with importantance worthy of your consideration include 1919M, 1920M, 1921S & M, 1922 S & M, 1923S, 1924 S & P, 1925P, 1926 P, S & M, 1927P, 1928 M & P, 1929M, 1930M and 1931M.

When you consider that Australian Sovereigns are the Rarest and most sought after Sovereigns in the world today, with institutions such as Rothschild's in London taking the time to piece together a complete collection, they still represent great value with many of the 190 Sovereigns ever issued, available in top quality, for between $550-$1000 each (note price varies with spot gold bullion rates).

The simple fact is that unlike the modern mass produced issues released from the Government Mints in Canberra and Perth today, the Sovereigns are no longer produced and in fact as time goes by there are less and less remaining in existence. With more and more interested Collectors in the market and less coins as well as strong international gold bullion markets it makes good sense to start putting some away now as a nest egg for your future.

1860 Australia Sydney Mint Type II Gold Sovereign about Uncirculated
Qty Price
1 or more $   14000.00
1865 Australia Sydney Mint Type II Gold Sovereign Extra Fine
Qty Price
1 or more $   2250.00
1865 Australia Sydney Mint type II Gold Sovereign Uncirculated
Qty Price
1 or more $   9500.00
1866 Australia Sydney Mint Type II Gold Sovereign Choice Uncirculated
Qty Price
1 or more $   6250.00
1900 Australia Perth Victoria Veil Head St George Reverse Gold Sovereign gEF
Qty Price
1 or more $   666.99