Gold $48.29 1.36%
$3,608.26 AUD
7 day trend
Silver $2.76 6.23%
$47.07 AUD
7 day trend
Platinum $32.42 2.04%
$1,622.51 AUD
7 day trend
Palladium $23.42 1.58%
$1,510.03 AUD
7 day trend
Rhodium -$17.12 -0.24%
$7,058.35 AUD
7 day trend
AUD/USD 0.0016 0.24%
7 day trend

Coin Accessories

  • Beautiful coin presentation solutions
  • Keep your coins in excellent condition
  • Make sure your coin collection retains its value

A coin collection is a sound investment. Rare and special coins are valuable, and their worth increases over time. For your collection to achieve its maximum value, it is important that your coins are stored in a careful and attractive way.

Keep your coin collection safe from harm

When you have spent time and effort learning about rare coins and building up your collection, it should be something you can continue to enjoy for the rest of your life. But if you do not store your coins correctly, you can reduce their quality and their value.

It is essential to protect your coins from environmental factors which could damage them. Changing temperatures, humidity, and air pollution can all cause chemical reactions which can negatively affect the appearance of your coins. Even handling them carelessly can cause significant harm.

Your coins need to be kept in excellent condition if you want them to retain their worth. Any reduction in a coin’s quality will reduce its value. This is why you need to store your coins in an appropriate and safe way if you want your collection to be a truly good investment.

Ideal coin collection solutions from KJC

At KJC, we understand how important your coin collection is to you, and we want to help you keep your coins in the best possible condition. This way you can continue to enjoy them and pass them on as valuable heirlooms to your loved ones. For this reason, we offer a variety of attractive and durable solutions for collecting or displaying your coins and keeping them safe from harm.

If you want to display your coins, we offer beautiful presentation boxes which will keep them safe from handling and environmental damage. We can also provide you with individual coin capsules to fit coins of various sizes.

If your coin collection is something you want to take out and view at your leisure rather than having it on display, our high-quality coin albums are the solution you are looking for. They fit coins of various denominations, enabling you to keep your entire collection in one safe and convenient place.

Order coin accessories securely online

KJC’s online ordering system is straightforward, quick, and completely secure, giving you complete peace of mind. Your items will be shipped to you quickly, and we offer free insurance on all deliveries, making sure you can purchase your coin collection solutions at the best possible price.

You can purchase from us online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can shop whenever is convenient for you. If you want, you can place your order for coin accessories at the same time as expanding your coin collection with our excellent product range!

Browse our collection of coin accessories here, to increase the value of your coins and ensure they continue to bring you pleasure long into the future.