Gold $48.29 1.36%
$3,608.26 AUD
7 day trend
Silver $2.76 6.23%
$47.07 AUD
7 day trend
Platinum $32.42 2.04%
$1,622.51 AUD
7 day trend
Palladium $23.42 1.58%
$1,510.03 AUD
7 day trend
Rhodium -$17.12 -0.24%
$7,058.35 AUD
7 day trend
AUD/USD 0.0016 0.24%
7 day trend

Buy Australian Rare Coins

* Highly Collectable

* Sought-After unique market

* Rare investment pieces

Rare items, such as Australian coins and banknotes, make excellent investments as their value increases over time. Whether you want to sell at a profit or pass them down to your children as heirlooms, investing in them makes financial sense. For real enthusiasts, Australian rarities also offer the experience of being able to add another item to your collection, perhaps even finding the last item you need to complete a particular set.

Each of our Australian rarities have been professionally graded and are good examples of extremely rare Australian coins and banknotes. Purchase one of these items and you yourself can own a piece of Australian numismatic heritage.