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1 oz 2021 EC8 Anguilla Silver Colour Coin
1 oz 2021 EC8 Anguilla Silver Colour Coin

1 oz 2021 EC8 Anguilla Silver Colour Coin

Mint: Scottsdale Mint
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Denomination: 2 XCD
Design: Sailing boat
Country: Anguilla
Finish: Coloured
Condition: Brand New
Packaging: Offical Mint Package
Composition: Silver
Weight (grams): 31.103
Weight (troy/oz): 1
Purity (%): 99.9
Diameter (mm): 39
1 +
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Product Description:

The 1 oz 2021 EC8 Anguilla Silver ColourCoin Proudly displays the Anguilla Sailing Regatta. Anguillan culture is deeply rooted in boat racing, making it the national sport. The country holds regular sailing regattas on national holidays, such as Carnival, during which locally designed and built boats compete. These boats have names and have sponsors that print their logos on their sails. These regattas do not conform to international sailing rules with regard to the right of way. Instead, there is only one rule, known as the “hard lee” rule.

*99.99% pure silver
*Legal tender in eastern Caribbean 2 XCD
*Certi-Lock Packaging
*Limited mintage of 500

The coin’s reverse displays the Anguilla Sailing Regatta with a Sailing Ship. The obverse displays an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the weight and purity below.