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1923 Australia King George V Half Penny Copper Coin
1923 Australia King George V Half Penny Copper Coin

1923 Australia King George V Half Penny Copper Coin

One of Australia's Rarest coins!

In Stock
from $2,250.00
Mint: Melbourne
Monarch: King George V
Design: Commonwealth Of Australia
Grade: about Very Fine
Country: Australia
Designer: B. Mackennal/ W.H.J Blakemore
Composition: Copper Alloy
Weight (grams): 5.67
Diameter (mm): 25.5
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Product Description:

Crafted during an era of burgeoning economic growth and industrial revolution, the 1923 halfpenny stands as one of Australia's most coveted coins, distinguished as one of the rarest halfpennies to date and revered as the sibling to the illustrious 1930 Penny. Not only does this coin possess an undeniable historical allure, it also offers immense investment potential, destined to become a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

Historical records reveal that 1,113,600 halfpennies bearing the 1923 date were originally minted in Sydney, but to the surprise of many, they were later discovered to be dated 1922. Amidst the ensuing conjecture and scarcity of documentation, it is believed that only 15-20,000 of the 1923 halfpennies were actually struck in Melbourne, not Sydney. These coins may have been minted solely for trial purposes to test the pressure required to produce copper coins.

The exact number of Uncirculated 1923 halfpennies that still exist today remains a mystery, heightening their rarity and making their discovery an exceptional feat. Auction prices for such pristine specimens have soared upwards of $50,000, a testament to their enduring appeal and value. For decades, this elusive coin circulated widely, yet remained unknown to most of the public, a hidden treasure lying in plain sight.

Obverse: King George V crowned bust left

Reverse: denomination within circle