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Collectable Graded Australian Gold Half Sovereigns

Buy Collectable Australian Gold Sovereigns


Australian Gold Half Sovereigns are considerably rarer than the full sovereign, and are normally found more worn in condition.

All Gold coins of Australia (1852 to 1931) were struck from solid 22ct gold (.917%). Half Sovereigns have a weight of 3.9940 grams (.1177oz troy). Australian Gold Half Sovereigns from 1855 to 1866 features our own "Sydney Mint" design. Imperial Half Sovereigns were minted in Australia from 1871 to 1918, unlike Sovereigns which were minted until 1931. They were identical to those struck elsewhere, except for the distinctive Sydney (S), Melbourne (M) or Perth (P) Mintmark. They benefit from being a relatively small and highly collectable series and are considerably Rarer than their English counterparts.

The simple fact is that unlike the modern mass produced issues released from the Government Mints in Canberra and Perth today, the Sovereigns are no longer produced and in fact as time goes by there are less and less remaining in existence. With more and more interested Collectors in the market and less coins as well as strong international gold bullion markets, it makes good sense to start putting some away now as a nest egg for your future.

1856 Australia Sydney Mint Type I Gold Half Sovereign about Uncirculated
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