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1/2oz 1983 Krugerrand Gold Proof Coin

The Worlds Most Famous Gold Coin

* Lovely original coin as minted
* 1/2oz Gold Krugerrand
* 22ct gold (91.67% pure)
* Iconic gold coin
* Proof quality
* Internationally recognised
* GST included in price

The Krugerrand has been minted since 1967 and is the most widely held bullion coin in the world. More than 48 million Krugerrands have been minted by the South African Mint. The Krugerrand is struck from 22 carat gold (91.67%), with the remaining 8.33% of the coin’s weight being copper.

The obverse design features Paul Kruger, the famous South African President, while the reverse design features the springbok antelope. Although Krugerrands are considered legal tender coins they do not have a face value and are traded based on the prevailing value of their gold content.