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1 oz 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin
1 oz 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin

1 oz 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin

Unrivaled design & purity - first year to feature KCIII effigy

from $3,838.27
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Monarch: King Charles III
Denomination: 50 CAD
Design: A large maple leaf with the weight and purity.
Country: Canada
Designer: Steven Rosati
Packaging: Acrylic Plastic Capsule
Composition: Gold
Weight (grams): 31.103
Weight (troy/oz): 1
Purity (%): 99.99
Thickness (mm): 2.8
Diameter (mm): 30
1 - 9
10 +
All KJC product prices are fully inclusive of insurance for world wide delivery.
Product Description:

As we enter a new Royal era, The Royal Canadian Mint has chosen to commemorate the transition by unveiling their new effigy of King Charles III on their Maple Leaf bullion range.

The 1 oz Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin is among the most sought-after gold coins, with more than 25 million ounces sold since its debut in 1979. It was the first bullion coin to achieve the heightened standard of 9999 purity. All 1 oz 2024 Maple Leaf Gold Coins will feature three enhanced security features - radial lines, a micro-engraved maple leaf and Bullion DNA Anti-Counterfeiting Technology.

· Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold
* Multiples of 10 will come in official mint tubes, all others will come in complimentary acrylic plastic capsule.
· Great for Self-Managed Superfunds 
· GST free
· Obverse bears the Steven Rosati effigy of His Majesty King Charles III, marking the inaugural year featuring this portrayal.
· Reverse features maple leaf with the purity, weight and a new micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark, revealing a “24” under magnification.
·Sovereign coin back by Canadian government
Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins are the official Gold bullion coin of Canada, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. Initially a 999 fine Gold coin, its purity was increased to 9999 fine Gold in 1982.
Since 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint has implemented its Bullion DNA Program, providing customers with the utmost level of security for bullion coins. Each bullion coin features a textured maple leaf security privy mark micro-engraved using laser technology, visible only under magnification.