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1 oz 2024 Great Britain Britannia Gold Bullion Coin
1 oz 2024 Great Britain Britannia Gold Bullion Coin

1 oz 2024 Great Britain Britannia Gold Bullion Coin

The newest release of one of worlds most recognized and traded coins

from $3,274.83
Mint: Royal Mint
Monarch: King Charles III
Denomination: 100 GBP
Design: Britannia standing firm against a powerful wind
Country: United Kingdom
Designer: Philip Nathan / Martin Jennings
Packaging: Comes In Acrylic Plastic Capsule
Composition: Gold
Weight (grams): 31.21
Weight (troy/oz): 1
Purity (%): 99.99
Thickness (mm): 2.7
Diameter (mm): 32.69
1 - 9
10 +
All KJC product prices are fully inclusive of insurance for world wide delivery.
Product Description:

The latest release from the Royal Mint featuring the effigy his majesty King Charles III

As the Roman Empire expanded, conquered provinces were personified with female figures; a means to establish order and create a sense of unity. Extending its influence northwards, the Roman army eventually crossed the channel to reach British shores. Britannia first appeared on the coins of the Emperor Hadrian over 2,000 years ago.

Restored to British coinage in 1672 during the reign of Charles II, Brittania hass appeared on the coins of every subsequent monarch. Reassuring and resolute she’s a rallying point come crisis or celebration, an embodiment of national pride. Instantly recognisable all over the world, Britannia resonates with international investors, a trusted symbol of the quality of British minting.

* Highly liquid
* Face value of 100 Great British Pounds (GBP)
* Iconic Lady Britannia design
* 99.99% purity
* Comes with complimentary acrylic capsule

Orders of 10 coins come in official mint tubes.